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Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Super Bowl Ads and CBS

2010 Super Bowl commercials are being shared by CBS.com in order to create super excitement. CBS has 2010 Super Bowl commercials on their web site right now to give a quick sneak peek into what will be aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday. These aren't all of the 2010 Super Bowl commercials, but it gives a look at a few on them from companies like E-Trade and Audi.

The E-Trade one is a very familiar line of commercials where they use a baby to talk about what is going on with stocks in the market. They have tapped that well a couple of times, and are looking for fans to stick with them for another year during the Super Bowl.

One of the other 2010 Super Bowl commercials that are being given the sneak preview treatment is from Audi, as they show how they are focusing on improving the environment through the production of their cars. It's a good green advertisement for the car company, but it is only revealed in parts rather than showing the full commercial.

There is also a fun commercial from a new web site that will be renting homes rather than hotel rooms for people taking vacations. A nice placement by Chevy Chase in the commercial could indeed draw a few extra laughs from fans that enjoyed Chase in all of the National Lampoon's movies.

Don't get overly excited about the commercials that are being made available early, because CBS isn't revealing everything just yet. We linked the video where advertising critic Barbara Lippet and Harry Smith talk about some of them, but they don't reveal all that many in the segment.

CBS also created a show for the best Super Bowl advertisements of all time, and have linked some of them in order to drum up interest. This is in addition to the show that CBS was airing on Wednesday night to try and promote their ideas of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time.

There will still be quite a few commercials kept under wraps until the Super Bowl on Sunday, and we will have to wait until then to find out which ones are going to be talked about the most on Monday.