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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top 5 Wide Receivers in the NFL for 2009

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Thanks to all of the recent discussion about Terrell Owens, new life has been brought to the debate, which is the best wide receiver in the NFL. Even though there are countless potential candidates, there are only a few who have the capability to make the big catch when the team needs aTop Five Wide Receivers in the NFL in 2009 momentum change. Here are the five best wide receivers in the NFL

# 5 - Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions)

One of the best kept secrets in the NFL is wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, is hidden away in the roster of the first team ever to experience a 0-16 season. During the 2008 NFL, Calvin Johnson had 78 catches for 1,331 yards and 12 touchdowns for a team that had 5 different quarterbacks at the helm. It may have taken then 4 tries, but it appears the Lions finally selected a premier wide receiver that can not only stretch the field but is not afraid to catch the ball over the middle of the field. If you ask any Lions fans for the lone bright spot on a rather dismal season, without a doubt they will cite the work of Johnson.

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In 2009, Johnson will be entering his third year in the league, so we should expect to see an increase in his numbers across the board. The future does look bright for Johnson, especially if the Lions are able to turn things around and actually find a capable quarterback to throw him the ball. When that eventually happens, expect Johnson to climbs the ranks and take over the top spot for best wide receiver in the NFL.

# 4 - Terrell Owens (Buffalo Bills)

Despite what you may think of his antics off the field, Owens remains one of the top receivers at his position. If you were to look at just Owens numbers during 2008, he had 69 receptions for 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns. Despite having his least productive year with the Cowboys, Owens was still on par with most number one receivers in the NFL. Now Owens will have the chance to show whether the reduction was from the affects of aging or those who are left in Dallas.

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It will be interesting to see how things pan out for Terrell Owens who signed a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills. Terrell Owens has shown flashes of brilliance, especially when during the first season with a new team. If he is able to carry the Bills into the playoffs, Owens canTop Five Wide Receivers in the NFL in 2009 expect to have a good deal of suitors this time next year.

# 3 - Brandon Marshall (Denver Broncos)

Whoever starts the 2009 season at quarterback for Denver, he will relish the chance to throw to one of the best wide receivers in the game, Brandon Marshall. Marshall started the 2008 season off with a bang when he recorded 18 receptions for 166 yards in the Broncos' controversial win over the San Diego Chargers.

By the time the season was over, Marshall had 104 receptions for 1,265 yards and 6 touchdowns. Of the 8 games the Broncos lost in 2008, Marshall had 6 catches or less during 6 of those contests. Brandon Marshall really excels for the Broncos were in the red zone of their opposition, where he caught 5 of his 6 touchdowns. Since Marshall is 24 years old and entering his 4th season in the NFL, opposing defenses will have to continue to game plan for this wide receiver for years to come.

# 1a - Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals)

Before the end of the regular season in 2008, Arizona Cardinals, wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, was already on his way to having another monstrous season. Fitzgerald managed to have 96 receptions for 1,431 yards while scoring 12 touchdowns. But the real magic came for Fitzgerald when the Cardinals started their improbable run to the Super Bowl.

During the post season, Larry Fitzgerald hauled in 30 receptions for 546 yards with 7 touchdowns. He had a touchdown reception in every game and seemingly caught every ball thrown his way. The only knock against Fitzgerald is that he does have a Pro Bowl quarterback, Kurt Warner tossing him the ball, along with playing opposite Anquan Boldin. Fitzgerald may find himself at the top of the list in 2009 if the Cardinals are not able to retain Boldin and he is able to improve on his already Pro Bowl numbers.

# 1 - Andre Johnson (Houston Texans)

What I am sure is somewhat of a surprise to some people, Andre Johnson earned the top spot for best wide receiver in the NFL because of the season he had in 2008. When the season was done, Johnson had career highs with 115 receptions for 1,575 yards and 8 touchdowns. What makes his yardage total even more impressive is that he had 5 games where he did not break 60 yards.

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Then there is the tandem of quarterbacks Johnson had to deal with to accomplish these career numbers. Oh yes, the second leading receiver on the team was the Texans tight end, Owens. Based on this, Johnson gets a slight nod over Fitzgerald as the best wide receiver in theTop Five Wide Receivers in the NFL in 2009 game. One thing is sure for, NFL fans will have the chance to enjoy these two wide receiver battle it out for the top position for some time.