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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Shining moment

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In 2009, the One Shining Moment of college basketball was expected to
go to the North Carolina Tar Heels in preseason. When CBS aired One
Shining Moment, the Tar Heels were expected to have the last image of
the famed montage as 2009 NCAA champions. Although the Big East took
up most of the headlines for the last few months, the Tar Heels
returned to their position as favorites by the Final Four. And indeed,
when the 2009 version of One Shining Moment played on CBS at around
midnight, North Carolina was still celebrating.

North Carolina did not get fazed by Michigan State's destiny, 72,000
fans, or by their previous Final Four disaster last year. Instead, the
Tar Heels claimed their one shining moment in pretty much 10 minutes.

Like in all but one of their NCAA Tournament games, North Carolina had
the game won within minutes, and just ran out the clock the rest of
the way. The 89-72 win over the Spartans gave the Tar Heels the one
shining moment in 2009 that they had been pointing to for 12 months.

Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, coach Roy Williams and
the Tar Heels were number one in the preseason, and number one at the
end. It was only three months ago that North Carolina was being talked
of as an undefeated team, until losing their first two ACC games.

College basketball fans almost forgot about North Carolina for the
next few months, despite their various victories, while the Big East
took over the sport.

But the Big East ultimately tripped over itself, while North Carolina
reverted back to their early season dominance. The formula became
painfully clear for their opponents, and for any fans who wanted
competitive games, in the Tar Heels last four wins.

Gonzaga, Oklahoma, Villanova and Michigan State all fell into the same
Tar Heel trap. Get down by about 10 points in the first few minutes,
miss almost every jump shot, watch North Carolina make every early
three-pointer, and do absolutely nothing on the inside.

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With no chance
to play anything but North Carolina's game, the opponent is done
within a half hour.

For the first half, North Carolina seemed ready to threaten the record
for biggest national championship game blowout, set by UNLV over Duke
in 1990. But the Spartans did not lose by 33, or even by 35, as they
did to the Tar Heels in December. Still, Michigan State was never

CBS wrapped up the NCAA tournament with One Shining Moment, which
North Carolina felt should have ended with their championship the last
two seasons. But in Hansbrough, Lawson and Ellington's last shot, the
Tar Heels finally took their place at the end of the final NCAA
Tournament recap.