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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coming NFL Sunday

This week, there are three games PossessionPoints.com wishes to highlight. The biggest game in our viewpoint is the Monday night game between the Bucs and Panthers. While it looks as if both of these teams will make the playoffs, this game could well decide who wins the NFC South Division as both of these teams are now tied with a record of 9-3. The winner of this Division will also most likely get a first round bye, and the loser most likely a wildcard spot

The second big game this week is between the Giants and the Eagles at the Meadowlands. This game is truly the Eagles' last shot to get themselves back into playoff contention. We think the lights are all but out for Philadelphia this season, but a loss here could mathematically eliminate them. The Giants have little to gain with a win this week as they have a virtual lock on the Division and a first round bye. So, obviously this game is more important for the Eagles.

The third big game is an interconference game between the Cowboys and Steelers as both these teams have winning records and are in tight races for playoff spots. The Cowboys want to maintain or enhance their chances of obtaining a wildcard spot while the Steelers look to hold on to their narrow one-game lead over the Ravens.

These are three strong contests this week with playoff implications for all involved. We will see which teams rise to the occasion and which teams fold like a bad poker hand.