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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NCAA Football 2010 for Your Xbox

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X-box 360 Gamers eagerly awaiting the arrival of NCAA Football 2010 should be quite happy to know that Electronic Arts (EA) Inc. had recently set the launch date for the game to be at July 14, 2009. This is only the official North American release date, however, so if you’re living elsewhere, your best bet would be to make an online reservation.

What to Expect from NCAA Football 2010
NCAA Football from EA Sports is not the world’s highest-selling college football video game series for over ten years for nothing. The excitement is all due to the fantastic gameplay and the equally fantastic gaming experience it offers to users.

Season Showdown
This all-new feature will be a delight for fans with strong passions for their respective school favorites. Every fan counts in Season Showdown as the credits are not only accrued during the game but also by playing online. With Season Showdown, every student’s participation counts if they want to make their school the #1 college for the season.

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Authentic Gaming Experience
Authenticity has long been a primary and ongoing concern of fans, and it’s a challenge that EA Sports doesn’t hesitate to meet with each game they release. With NCAA Football 2010, each and every school making up the Football Bowl Subdivision is ably represented in the game from mascots to cheerleaders to school colors. That’s over a hundred schools for students to choose from!

Sometimes, we get lazy even while we’re playing. But that doesn’t mean you’re lacking enthusiasm. You’re just…feeling lazy. That’s all there is to it. EA Sports understand that kind of response and it’s why they’ve presented the option for simming.

With simming, all a player has to do is pick the play and it’s up to AI to figure out the rest. Whether this is effective is something we’ll have to see to believe on July 14.

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Procedural Awareness
Don’t you just hate it when games are purported to be realistic and then you notice how their eyes aren’t even able to look at what they’re going? Color NCAA Football 2010 different! With procedural awareness, it allows your defensive backs and wide receivers to look at the ball prior to making a play for them.

Other Features People Want to See in NCAA Football 2010
If you check out the game’s official website, you’ll notice the scarcity of news available regarding the other new features of NCAA Football 2010. No surprise there, though, since anticipation makes everything sweeter. The mystery and excitement surrounding the game, in any case, has induced game enthusiasts and experts into creating their own wish lists for NCAA Football 2010 features.

More Teams?
If EA Sports can do it with basketball, surely they can do it with football, too? Thanks to the unexpected victory of Appalachian State over Michigan, fans are clamoring for additional FCS teams in NCAA Football 2010. Will EA listen?

Better Line Play
Everyone hopes so. A lot of players are exasperated with the predictability of line play and excessive use of stiff arm locks. Could there be a change?

Everyone wants NCAA Football 2010 to be better but whether or not EA Sports makes people’s dreams a reality remains to be seen on July 14. Mark that day on your calendar, folks!