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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ten best QB of the past 10 yrs

There have been a number of NFL quarterbacks in the last 10 years but which ones stand out as the best? Whether you're a Bengals fan, Browns fan, or any other team you have your arguments but factoring in Super Bowls and regular season stats can you still claim that your favorite is in the top 10? Basically factoring in all things here is a list of the top 10 NFL quarterbacks of the last decade, starting with the honorable mentions. First let's get the biggest controversy out of the way.

Honorable Mentions (in no specific order)

Michael Vick- Vick definitely has to make the honorable mention list due to his complete athletic ability. With Vick on the field there was never a game decided before it started. Vick had the rare combination of a cannon arm and rocket speed, or, for lack of words he was a running back with an arm. Vick was elusive and anyone that has watched him play would not argue with him at least being an honorable mention. Vick is 138th on the all time list of passing records with 11,505 yards but definitely blew anyone watching him away with his ability. Vick played for the Atlanta Falcons professionally from 2001-2006.

Donovan Mcnabb- Mcnabb is another quarterback that liked to use his feet to make plays. The only downfall for Mcnabb has been injuries, Mcnabb has played in one Superbowl in 2004 and probably should have won but got tired down the stretch. He's thrown for 27,582 yards and counting. Mcnabb came into the league in 1999 and still currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Steve Mcnair- Mcnair makes the list because he passed for 31,304 and came up one yard short of winning a superbowl. Mcnair played professionally from 1995-2007 for the Tennessee Titans and then the Baltimore Ravens.
Vinny Testaverde- The strong armed Testaverde passed for a lot of yards, and was mostly consistant in his 20 years in the league. The closest Testaverde ever came to a Super Bowl was playing in the AFC championship game, twice. Vinny bounced around the league but definitely put up numbers everywhere he went, especially in his younger years. Testaverde finished his career with 46,233 passing yards from 1987-2007. Vinny bounced around the league and played professionally for 8 teams.

Eli Manning- With his Super Bowl win in the 2007 NFL season Manning put himself near breaking the top 10 quarterbacks list. The only downfall for Manning is the way he has quickly climbed the list. Manning was consistently inconsistent for the first 3 years of his career before his Super Bowl run in 2007 and has 13,120 yards passing which don't even put him on top of his draft class, (Carson Palmer is ahead of him with 15,630 yards). Eli came into the league in 2004 and is currently the starting quarterback for the New York Giants.

Ben Roethlisberger- Big Ben also has a Super Bowl ring defeating the Seattle Seahawks in 2005 and is only a few yards behind Manning with 13,075 yards passing in the same number of seasons. He has shown alot of heart, not only playing through injuries but coming back after a serious motorcycle accident during the 2005 offseason. Ben currently still starts at quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Drew Brees- How about Drew Brees? To not put this guy on the list would be a huge mistake. Brees was forced out of San Diego so they could move Philip Rivers into the starting spot. At this point it was questioned whether Brees would be the same player coming off a shoulder injury, all it took was one believer and the Saints believed in Brees, and the rest has been a success. Brees has not played in a Super Bowl but you cannot argue with his leadership and passing ability. Brees has 23,752 passing yards which is 64th all time and has been consistent week in and week out.
10. Kurt Warner- I know I know I hear the muttering in the background and people are yelling no consistency, or, no way. But here's the facts. Kurt Warner went from being a hardworking grocery store stalker to an outstanding NFL quarterback in the blink of an eye. That in itself shows character, and will. Also, Warner was the quarterback of what people were calling "the best show on turf" when he played for the Rams. Warner currently has 26,439 yards passing for his career and is an inspiring story to anyone looking for one of those, great stories. Warner has been in the NFL as a starter since 1999 when he took over for injured Trent Green and became an instant star. Warner started to show signs of slowing down and left the rams. Everyone thought his career was pretty much done, then just when you count out Warner again he comes back just as strong as ever. Warner is currently the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.

9. Peyton Manning- Here comes the grumbles again, but rest assured as good as this guy is, the people on the list ahead of him are great players. Manning has a Super Bowl title in 2006 and has racked up numerous awards including MVP awards in 2003 and 2004. Manning also has 43,634 which is 8th on the alltime list. Manning puts in tons of time practicing and so the story goes, even practices taking a knee. That says a lot about a person, someone that is willing to put in that much time. Manning would be a lot higher on our list but for all the times he has had a chance to reach the Super Bowl has only arrived once. Rest assured though if Manning wins another Super Bowl and keeps up the pace he is on to break most of the NFL records, Manning may someday rank number one on the ALL-TIME list. This however is the list of the last 10 years.

8. Drew Bledsoe- Drew is 7th on the all-time passing list with 44,611. He is just ahead of Manning and has one more Super Bowl appearance. Bledsoe lost the 1996 Super Bowl and then came in for Tom Brady in the AFC championship game in 2001. The Patriots eventually won the Super Bowl and Drew earned his spot at number 8 on the list. Drew was consistent during his 13 years from 1993-2006 and therefore earned his spot.

7. Warren Moon- Warren is the only player to be in the NFL hall of fame and the CFL hall of fame and that will probably never change. Moon is 4th on the all-time passing leaders list with 49,325 yards. Warren is a 9 time pro bowl selection and played for 5 teams from 1984-2000. Warren Moon is also the only african american quarterback currently in the NFL.

6. Troy Aikman- Aikmen is 23rd on the career passing list with 32,942 yards. Aikmen won 3 Super Bowls and is a 6 time pro bowl selection. He was the quarterback on some of the best teams of all-time. There really should be no argument here. Aikmen played from 1989-2000 all for the Dallas Cowboys. In 2006 Aikmen was inducted in to the NFL Hall Of Fame.
5. Steve Young- Young is 21st on the all-time passing list with 33,124 yards. Young played professionally for the San Fransisco 49ers from 1985-1999. He is in the NFL Hall Of Fame. Young is ranked this high because he is a 7 time pro bowler, has won 3 super bowls, and has 2 NFL MVP awards.

4. John Elway- Elway set rushing records along with passing records for a quarterback and therefore is ranked 4th on the list. Elway won 2 super bowls in 1997 and 1998. Elway was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2004. He won the MVP in 1987 and is a 9 time pro bowl selection. Elway is 3rd on the all-time passing list with 51,475 and also rushed for 3,407 yards. Elway played his entire career for the Denver Broncos from 1983-1998.

3. Dan Marino- The one knock on Dan Marino is that he hasn't won a super bowl. Normally I would say, so what, but considering super bowls was a factor, he sits here, at number 3. Marino is second on the all-time passing list with 61,361 and played from 1983-1999. He is a 9 time pro bowl selection and is also a member of the NFL hall of fame. All I have to say to Dan is come back like players do in basketball, sit on the bench and get yourself a ring, maybe even take a few snaps.

2. Brett Favre- Favre is number one on the career passing list with 63,467 and has played for 3 teams in his illustrious career (Falcons,Packers,Jets). Favre is a 9 time pro bowl selection and 3 time NFL MVP. Favre only has one superbowl championship (1996) and well, that's one more than the guy he's ahead of not to mention he passed him in the record books.

1. Tom Brady- So we started with a controversy putting Michael Vick into the honorable mention list, so why not end with one? And while this shouldn't be much of a controversy once I'm done explaining I'm sure your thinking to yourself, this better be good. Tom has only been in the league since 2000 and has played in 4 super bowls. He is already a 4 time pro bowler, and 2 time NFL MVP. Tom also has the record for most touchdown passes in a season(50 breaking Peyton Manning's record), a record that nearly every sports analyst claimed could never be broken. The bottom line about Tom Brady is that he wins and that is what makes him the number one quarterback of the last decade. Throw in an NFL MVP and you should now be on my side.