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Sunday, January 25, 2009

30 NBA draft prospects

Ready for the 2009-2010 NBA season? Many of these players may be. Here is a list of the top 30 NBA draft prospects if the college season ended today. We could call it a mock draft but not knowing which teams will get what picks it makes it rather hard. But I digress, here is the list and maybe some of your favorite college teams have a few players you should be looking for to play in the NBA in the coming years.

30. Dejuan Blair- Pittsburgh Power Forward

29. James Johnson-WakeForest Small Forward

28. Josh Heytvelt- Gonzaga Power Forward

27. Wayne Ellington- North Carolina Shooting Guard

26. Sam Young- Pittsburgh Small Forward

25. Austin Daye- Gonzaga Small Forward

(30-25) The best pro out of the group could turn out to be James Johnson with all his athletic ability and court vision but he is still a raw talent that needs to improve his game

24. Tyler Hansbrough- North Carolina Power Forward

23. Tywon Lawson- North Carolina Point Guard

22. Omri Casspi- Israel Small Forward

21. Darren Collison- UCLA Point Guard

20. Eric Maynore- VCU Point Guard

19. Stephen Curry- Davidson Shooting Guard

(24-19) Are you a believer in Stephen Curry? I am the best pro out of this group will be Stephen Curry who should turn out to be a star in the NBA with his character and shooting ability.

18. Patrick Mills- St. Mary's Point Guard

17. Tyler Smith- Tennessee Small Forward

16. Gerald Henderson- Duke Shooting Guard

15. Demar Derozen- USC Shooting Guard

14. Jeff Teague- Wake Forest Point Guard

13. Patrick Patterson- Kentucky Power Forward

(18-13) Watch out for Jeff Teague who is bound to be a star in the NBA. Teague is the next great point guard to come out of Wake Forest and could end up being a great NBA point guard just like Chris Paul.

12. Chase Budinger- Arizona Small Forward

11. Earl Clark- Louisville Small Forward

10. Dajuan Summers- Georgetown Small Forward

9. Greg Monroe- Georgetown Power Forward

8. Damion James- Texas Small Forward

7. Gani Lawal- Georgia Tech Power Forward

(12-7) Budinger has not done much in college to improve his game but was once a lottery pick in the NBA. Look for him to improve his game in the NBA and rival Greg Monroe for the best out of this l ist.

6. Al-Farouq Aminu- Wake Forest Small Forward

5. Jordan Hill- Arizona Power Forward

4. Hasheem Thabeet- Connecticut Center

3. Brandon Jennings- International Point Guard

2. James Harden- Arizona State Shooting Guard

1. Blake Griffin- Oklahoma

(6-1) Blake Griffin can dominate a basketball game in college and will eventually do the same in the NBA. Thabeet and Jennings will have a lot of growing pains if they leave for the NBA early and James Harden should be ready to play right away.