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Thursday, March 12, 2009

NBA 2010 Free Agency Class Breakdown by position

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For those of you who played NBA Live on your respective gaming system. Remember when you were playing franchise and that season where all the big name players were all free agents and then they all signed to the same team. Then, eventually, that team would be the team that made it to the finals and won everything. Well the 2010 Free Agency Class looks alot like that class. In the year 2010, some of the top notch players in the NBA will be looking for wallet-busting deals and teams are getting for the madness.
At every position there are plenty players to choose from, players that will help boost your chances of winning greatly. Now your probably wondering why are all these great players free at the same time? But the players drafted in the 2003 draft, like Chris Bosh, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are becoming free agents at the same time. This article will breakdown this class and show us the best players at each position.
1. Steve Nash- Steve Nash will be 36 when he becomes a free agent. But he is still an effective guard. i honestly don't think that Nash will be re-signing with the Suns.
2. Rajon Rondo- Rajon Rondo is an up and coming point guard. He has already lead a team to the championship and the experience is insurmountable.
3. Derek Fisher- Derek Fisher is a great team leader. He has lead a team to 3 championships. He will probably remain a Laker though.
4. Rafer Alson- Rafer Alston is an experienced veteran player. He has been at the helm of playoff caliber teams. He is a good pick-up for any team.
5. Jordan Farmar- A very good point guard, he lost his starting spot to Derek Fisher. He will be a starter on another team.
1. Dwyane Wade- Has surged to the NBA's elite, he will be making big money. Rumors say that Dwyane Wade will team up with his good friend, Lebron James. But I don't think that will go through.
2. Brandon Roy- Brandon Roy is the franchise of the Trailblazers, they won't be letting him go anywhere.
3. Joe Johnson- Joe Johnson is a great player and will be a great help to a team trying to get over the hump. He is a dependable and a sure 20-5-5 guy.
4. Ray Allen- Ray Allen is one of the best shooters to ever play the game. He will be a great asset to any team he plays for, but I doubt that he will be living Boston.
5. Michael Redd- Michael Redd is another player, who is a pure scorer but nothing more than that. The Bucks are trying to build around him so he won't be going anywhere.
1. Lebron James- Lebron James is the big prize in this free agency. Teams like New York, New Jersey Nets and Detroit Piston have began to clear cap space in order to sign him and another marquee player. He will have alot of money in his pocket.
2. Paul Pierce- Paul "The Truth" Pierce will be a Celtic when the 2010 season starts. I don't think any team will be able to pry him away.
3. Tracy McGrady- Now some of you may be wondering why I have Paul Pierce over Tracy McGrady. Well, Pierce has a championship and has done a better job at staying healthy. McGrady is still a great scorer and will probably not be a Rocket at the end of the day.
4. Richard Jefferson- Richard Jefferson is another great player who will probably be on the move.

Advance Your Career in 2009 with a degree in a Growing Field. Start Here!

He is a scoring machine and a pretty good rebounder. He would be a nice 2nd option to superstar like Lebron or D-Wade.

5. Josh Howard- Josh Howard has been living in the shadow of Dirk Nowitzki. In the 2010 free agency class, he will probably leave the Mavericks and help another team.
1. Chris Bosh- Chris Bosh is one of the best unknown players. He is not recognized mainly because he plays outside the U.S. he will sign with an American team and become as big as his fellow draft classmates; Lebron, D-Wade and Carmelo.
2. Dirk Nowitzki- Dirk Nowitzki is another one of those players that is on the other side of the hill. Nowitzki will not be leaving Mavericks though. As long as they make a move to bring someone in to help him.
3. Amare Stoudemire- Amare Stoudemire could of been on the top of this list. But his inconsistency makes him a liability. So he is not that hot of a commodity anymore.
4. Lamarcus Aldridge- Lamarcus Aldridge has continued to improve for the Trailblazers and formed a good little-man/big-man with Brandon Roy. The Trailblazers will probably keep them together.
5. Udonis Haslem- Don't be surprised that Udonis Haslem is upon this list. No experience can compare to championship experiece. Haslem has that and a nice jumper.
1. Yao Ming- Yao Ming will also be a free agent. The big guy will probably not from Houston unless there is a better deal in a bigger city. I highly doubt it though.
2. Shaquille O'neal- The Diesel will also be a key free agent. If he teams up with any of the big players like Dwyane Wade(again) or Lebron James. They can become a force to be reckoned with.
3. Marcus Camby- Everybody know that to win a championship you need a big man. Marcus Camby is a great pick up for any team. He is great defender and rebounder.
4. Tyson Chandler- Tyson Chandler has alot to prove before he can receive a big contract. Chandler is not that big of a presence on the offensive side of the court but can rebound and defend. He'll probably stay in New Orleans because Chris Paul makes him look good.
5. Brad Miller- Brad Miller has a rare combo of rebounding and passing. He can be a great asset to any team he plays for.
As you can see the 2010 free agent class is loaded with great players who can alter the NBA drastically. It will be fun to watch!