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Thursday, January 29, 2009

SuperBowl Commercial

The Super Bowl is approaching, with the actual game between Pittsburgh and Arizona a questionable match up. But while many expect that the Super Bowl might be a blowout, there will still be some suspense during the broadcast. As usual, whenever the Super Bowl isn't that competitive, people will still watch for the Super Bowl commercials. Once more, major companies are shelling out millions for big Super Bowl commercials and major exposure.

Super Bowl commercials are notorious for being just as big as the Super Bowl nowadays. People may bet on which company has the best Super Bowl commercials as much as they bet on the game itself. Super Bowl commercials have been legendary for about 20 years and beyond. The big rush of Super Bowl commercials technically began in the late 80's. But a select Super Bowl commercials were famous long before that, like the Mean Joe Green Coca-Cola ad, and Apple's legendary 1984 parody. Now, even more products are in on the act on Super Bowl Sunday, ranging from beer, soda and Internet websites.

Traditionally, Budweiser and Pepsi have had the biggest commercials. Pepsi has had Cindy Crawford, dancing bears and more icons over the years, while Budweiser has had the Bud Bowl, the Budweiser frogs, lizards and clydesdales, and Wassup guys. McDonalds also had Michael Jordan and Larry Bird providing nothing but net. This year, the Super Bowl commercials have already made news before the game. For the first time in 10 year, none of the Big 3 automakers will have Super Bowl commercials.

In addition, traditional Super Bowl advertiser FedEx has no spots, as the economy even hits the Super Bowl. The economic troubles may even be reflected in some of the ads themselves. Most controversial of all, PETA had a Super Bowl ad blocked by NBC. The ad promoted veganism by having hot women get...sexually excited with their vegetables. NBC nixed the ad, which is already on the Web.

Still, Super Bowl commercials sold for a maximum of $3 million for a 30 second spot. Budweiser, Pepsi and other big brands will once again have several chances to steal the Super Bowl with their ads. And a few summer movies will get to show some trailers while they're at it.