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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fastest Tracks racing

NASCAR classifies its racetracks into two categories, short tracks and super speedways. Short tracks are anything under a mile; while the super speedways are over a mile. There are two tracks in the super speedway category that exceed the two mile length - Dayton International Speedway is 2.5 miles long while Talladega Speedway is 2.66 miles in length. These tracks also have a banking at the turns in excess of 30 degrees.

Because of the speeds that can be achieved at these tracks - in excess of 200 miles an hour - the engines are restricted in the amount of horsepower they produce which slows the cars down around eight or 10 miles an hour. However, when the cars get into a single line causing a draft the speed of these cars increases and can again reach the 200 miles an hour mark. As a child I lived five miles from the track in Daytona. This was before the speeds reached today and the restricor plates and we could hear the cars going around the track even with the windows closed.

But because of the restrictor plate Daytona and Talladega are not the fastest of the tracks in NASCAR racing. That distinction belongs to Atlanta Motor Speedway where the cars can easily reach the 200 mile an hour mark without the help of drafting.

Unlike the open wheeled cars that routinely exceed two hundred miles per hour, NASCAR tries to keep the cars under that mark as a safety issue. Even so when there is a crash at the larger tracks it can trap a large number of cars in the field causing what is known as THE Big One. The cars are usually a mess after such an event but fortunately the drivers nearly always walk away from the fray.

Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 - also known as the Great American race - there is nothing else like it in all of stock car racing. While most race events take place over a two or three day period (practice, qualifying, and racing), the race events at Daytona the events that opens the NASCAR racing season goes on for two weeks - known as Speed weeks.

In 2008 NASCAR will celebrate 50 years of racing at Daytona on the track. The races first started on the beach itself. In 1959 the race moved to eight miles inshore to the tracks present location.

The racing season opens at Daytona with the Bud Shootout, qualifying, and the two qualifying races in the two weeks before the big race which culminates in the form of the Dayton 500.

Residents of Daytona, who are used to strange faces and filled hotel rooms, know when the racing season begins not by looking at the calendar or the feel of the cooler temperatures in the air but by the sound of racing engines roaring through the air when the 24 hours of Daytona kicks things off about the second weekend of the month of February with a road style race that lasts for an entire 24 hours period. At the conclusion of the 24 hour race the NASCAR community moves in and Speed weeks officially begins and the race is on for 36 races until a new champion is crowned in December. As a child I can remember hearing the cars as they raced around the track inside the house five miles away.

20 PC Games

When it comes to PC gaming some people say that the PC is dead for games. I think not. The PC may be down do to popularity of some councils but it will hold steady and always be here. Here is a list of what I consider the top 20 PC games that I have played. These games all have great story lines as well as game play. This list of course changes from time to time but these games are still tops.

1. Half Life 2

2. Homeworld

3. Homeworld Cataclysm

4. Homeworld 2

5. Space Hulk

6. StarCraft

7. Pravateer 2 The Darkening

8. Freelancer

9. Diablo

10. Elder Scrolls Oblivion

11. Thief The Dark Project

12. Tie Fighter

13. World Of WarCraft Reign Of Chaos

14. Mass Effect

15. Global Civilizations II Twilight of the Arnor

16. Battlezone

17. FreeSpace 2

18. NHL East side Hockey Manager

19. Mafia

20. Assassins Creed

These are all really good games. Some old and some new but all great to play. There are of course others but these will do for now. If you have not played these games then do yourself a favor and check them out. You will have a blast if you do. Also remember that just because councils are the fade now does not mean that the PC is done for. The PC has a line of unique games that I have not seen any council even get close to. The only council that ever did was the 3DO but thanks to stupid people no one purchased one. It carried games like Space Hulk Vengeance of the Blood Angels and Syndicate. Two very cool games. It also had others but the best one was Star Control II. This is an old game but one of the best. Find it and download it for yourself. You will love it.