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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

About Steroids

Most people's opinions on steroids are usually negative. I can see why due to so much of it being brought up in the sports world. For example you have Barry Bonds in baseball. The greatest home run hitter ever. It was never proven that he did steroids yet but if you look at what his body looked like back in 1986 when he was a rookie and today you can only wonder what he was taking. This suspicion that will haunt him forever may keep him out of the hall of fame now due to steroids being illegal to take in major league baseball.
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Mark McGwire, another awesome home run hitter is also under suspicion and may keep him out of the hall of fame as well.It is sad that these players had to possibly go to steroids to succeed in thier sport. Now what does steroids do to you or what do people think it does to you? Well people say it causes liver damage, cardiovascular dysfunction and mental disorders on so on. There has not been any recognized medical or scientific person or group that has actually come out and stated that steroids are indeed as dangerous as the media has made them out to be. Why? Because no one is actually willing to go against the grain. Many people today have negative opinions on steroids, particularly government and sports officials, that to dispense truthful opinions on steroids is to encourage scrutiny or stigma from these people. That being the case you can expect that the mostly negative opinions on steroids will persist for quite a while.
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My opinion is that this is one of the worst things that you can put in your body. I say this because the is not supposed to get injected into your body period. In some cases I can see it being used for medical reason and I think that it is used in the medical field,but to use steroids to get an edge in sports in my opinion is just plain wrong and the people who use it for this reason should be ashamed of themselves and I think later in life these people who have been taking steroids are going to be sorry because I think their bodies are going to break down and they will have serious health problems that they will be sorry for. I remember a football player called Lyle Alzado from the 1970's he played on the Oakland Raiders football team and he was a great player but it was found out that he had been using steroids for a long period of time and he eventually died at a young age. People say it was from the steroid use and that is what I thought as well and that was sad.

In conclusion I think I have made valid point on what steroids can do. People will still continue to use it to get an edge no matter what. Some people just never learn.