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Thursday, March 5, 2009

TO no more in Dallas


Terrell Owens and the Dallas Cowboys were supposed to be made for each other. Terrell Owens, the ultimate showboat receiver, should have fit right in with the ultimate showboating team in the Dallas Cowboys. But it appears Terrell Owens and the Cowboys fit together far too well. So much Terrell Owens Dumped by Dallas Cowboys? that they had to be a divorce. Though the Cowboys have not confirmed anything yet, reports of them cutting Terrell Owens have already run rampant.

ESPN was the first to report late Wednesday night that Terrell Owens had been cut from the Cowboys. Owens' status had been up in the air all offseason, even though he had a four year deal in place last season. The Cowboys will have to take a $9 million dollar hit on their salary cap for cutting Owens, but they probably have some money to spare.

Terrell Owens began to make his usual noise during several off-field incidents involving the Cowboys last season. Countless reports of the Cowboys locker room falling apart dominated the second half of the year. It didn't help that the Super Bowl favorite Cowboys fell apart on the field and missed the playoffs.

Owens, Tony Romo and Jason Whitten were party of a quasi-hate triangle off the field, according to many reports last season. Controversy spread over whether Romo and the Cowboys were not throwing to Owens enough, which at times they didn't. But Owens has not been as prolific as he was in past seasons.

As Owens gets older, and begins to perform a little bit less on the field, it may have become harder for the Cowboys to justify putting up with him off the field for little in return. But the same could be said for many other Cowboys players that are still on the team.

With Owens' release, and the release of Pacman Jones, it might be a sign that the Cowboys are done with signing extremely controversial stars that become distractions for a while. But with Jerry Jones in charge, that is doubtful.

Owens is now divorced from his third team, and will become a huge off season story until he signs with a new one. Who is left that is willing to take a chance with him? There are still 29 teams left that he hasn't alienated in some form.

Now that Owens and Jones are gone, the Cowboys shouldn't have any more excuses for off-field distractions. This means if they still underperform next season, Wade Phillips and others will likely not survive in Dallas any longer.

The Cowboys have still not won a playoff game in 13 years, a problem that was well in place before Owens arrived, and is even more under the radar now that he never solved Terrell Owens Dumped by Dallas Cowboys? it.
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