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Saturday, November 15, 2008

NFL Week 11

Week Eleven NFL Picks and Predictions are here, and though they are last minute with the Thursday game this week, there were a number of last minute answers needed to pick the games correctly. Sorry for the lateness of the posting, but I wanted to have more information with all the injuries around the league this week. Week Eleven is a very important week as playoff races are developing and we are beginning to see the playoff picture a bit more clearly. Here are the week eleven NFL picks and predictions:

NY Jets at New England - This is a game that pits Favre against the mighty Patriots in prime time. This should be a monster game but the truth is, it is not Favre that will determine the outcome. Thomas Jones and the Jets defense will be the keys in this game, and they will rise to the occasion for one of the few times ever in Foxboro.

Result - Jets Win

Denver at Atlanta - The Broncos and the Falcons are a great match up and both teams are capable of scoring. The Falcons have yet to lose at home and the defense has been on a roll. Somone else on a roll is Matt Ryan. The rookie does not look like one so much right about now. He is actually leading the Falcons to playoff contention. The Broncos have an offense that can absolutely explode so this should be an interesting match up. I like Cutler in a must win situation.

Result - Broncos Win

Philadelphia at Cincinnati - The Eagles are smarting after the tight loss against the Giants and will be looking to take it out of the Bengals hide.

Result - Eagles WIn

Chicago at Green Bay - Here it is. The annual slugfest of two teams that seem to hate each other more every year. This is a game that will go a long ways towards determining the playoffs in this division. The Packers will pull it out at home after a couple of close disappointments.

Result - Packers win

Houston at Indianapolis - The Colts seem to finally be looking like the Colts again but then along comes Houston. Houston seems to come close to beating, (and occasionally actually beating) the Colts every time they play. This time, the Colts will run all over them.

Result - Colts Win
New Orleans at Kansas City - New Orleans is hurting and the Chiefs are barely even there. Though their has been a Tony Gonzalez sighting the last couple of weeks in KC, they will lose to a great offense.

Result - Saints win

Oakland at Miami - This game is between two teams headed in very different directions. The Dolphins will wave as they go by.

Result - Dolphins win

Baltimore at NY Giants - Now this is a slobberknocker that should be fun to watch. The Ravens will actually give the Giants a challenge with a defense that can actually slow down the vaunted Giants running game. Young Joe Flacco gets his first taste of Giants stadium and the New York crazies. Good luck young rookie.

Result - Giants Win

Minnesota at Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay really needs a win to keep from losing more ground to Carolina in the NFC South. The Vikings are on a bit of a roll lately in spite of Gus under center. Adrian Peterson is running wild. This will stop against Tampa. Nobody runs on Tampa for long.

Result - Bucs Win

Detroit at Carolina - Um. Lets see........Duh.

Result - Carolina Wins

St. Louis at San Francisco - This game will go a long ways towards determining pretty much nothing. The Niners looked pretty decent against the Cardinals on Monday night and the Rams have been up and down depending on the weather. I would say the Niners are more likely to be up in this one.

Result - Niners win

Arizona at Seattle - This game has Matt Hasselback rejoining the Seahawks this week along with Branch at wide receiver. I expect the jolt at home might just give the Cardinals a bit of a surprise.

Result - Seahawks win

San Diego at Pittsburgh - What was once looked forward to as a huge game has now become an almost after thought after the melt down in San Diego this season. They are just not the same team as before. The Steelers are still rock solid and tough as nails. And they get Willie Parker back this week.

Result - Steelers Win

Tennessee at Jacksonville - Upset special of the week here. The Jags will shock the Titans behind a fantastic running game. They have been getting the ground game going the last couple of weeks.

Result - Jaguars win

Dallas at Washington - The return of Romo will be enough to lift Dallas over the Skins. This will be a close game, but the Cowboys get a win they simply must have.

Result - Cowboys win
Cleveland at Buffalo - Brady Quinn showed that he will be an elite NFL quarterback as he matures. It is a shame that the Browns took an entire season to figure that out. The Bills are in a must win situation for the playoffs.

Result - Bills Win

Score - Bills 28 Browns 21

Week Ten Record - 9-5

Season Record - 88-56