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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2009 NFL Draft Predictions(Aaron Curry)

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Wake Forest senior linebacker Aaron Curry is ranked as the top overall candidate in the 2009 NFL Draft.

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The 2008 Butkus Award winner and a Bronko Nagurski Award finalist, Curry finished his final season leading Wake Forest with 105 tackles, sixteen of them for a loss. His junior year was excellent as well with 99 tackles including 13.5 for a loss and three interceptions returned for2009 NFL Draft Predictions: Aaron Curry
Date: March 20, 2009
Centerburg, OH
United States of America touchdowns. His overall NCAA career ended with 320 tackles, six interceptions and five forced fumbles. Curry achieved all-ACC honors three times during his Wake Forest Career and an All-American designation.

Curry is overwhelmingly rated the most versatile linebacker in the 2009 draft class.

Aaron Curry has good things going for him entering the 2009 draft. At 6'2", 254, he is a strong athlete with very long arms. Curry is adept at breaking up the pass and his hands have strength for interceptions. He shows the ability to work both the inside and outside run and is able to shake off blockers. His reading and diagnostic skills are an advantage as Curry follows the play.

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Combine and scouting reports list very few disadvantages to the team who successfully drafts Aaron Curry. He is believed to be a bit stiff in the upper body, an advantage in a straight line play but creating difficulty in shifting directions. The combine report would like to see Curry drive into his tackles more, rather than using his arms.

Most of the mock drafts predict Curry as the number three pick by Kansas City, who hopefully filled their quarterback hole with Matt Cassell. Kansas City has a lot of needs, but a strong defense should now be their most important priority.

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If Kansas City is confused and passes on Curry, Seattle should definitely use their number four pick to heal their broken defense.

Monday, March 30, 2009

2009 Final Four to Send Final Two Invites

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The 2009 Final Four will need to be great to redeem a poorly received NCAA Tournament. However, Villanova and Pittsburgh's regional final got the process off to a great start. With the 2009 Final Four halfway filled out, the rest of the2009 Elite Eight looks to continue the 2009 NCAA Tournament's new momentum. The headline game to end the Elite Eight is North Carolina vs. Oklahoma, but the historic Elite Eight game could be earlier, with Louisville against Michigan State.

The 2009 NCAA Tournament can be labeled the Big East conference tournament, by and large. Two Big East schools are already in the Final Four, though many didn't expect Villanova to get in over Pittsburgh. But after Villanova and Pittsburgh provided one classic Big East clash in the NCAA Tournament, Louisville can ensure a sequel today.

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Louisville can make it three Big East schools in the 2009 Final Four, if the Cardinals defeat Michigan State in the Midwest Regional final. Not only that, Louisville's Final Four opponent would be none other than Connecticut, which faced its first real test of the 2009 NCAA Tournament against Missouri and passed.

But in order to avenge a blowout loss at home against Connecticut earlier this season, Louisville has to get to Detroit by beating Michigan State. The Spartans are one of the few non-Big East schools left in the 2009 NCAA Tournament, and a win would be a big boost for them and the embattled Big Ten.

If Louisville gets to the Final Four, the only non-Big East spot in the Final Four will be determined in the Elite Eight's final game. The South Regional finals pits North Carolina against Oklahoma, two teams that had the easiest time getting to the Elite Eight.

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North Carolina has been expected to roll through the NCAA Tournament all season. Now that Ty Lawson seems to be set to play through an injured toe, the Tar Heels could steal the national championship from all the Big East powers.

However, this regional final pits what may be the ultimate NCAA Tournament team, against the year's ultimate player in Blake Griffin. Having recovered from his own late season injuries, Griffin has averaged 30 points through three easy wins for Oklahoma.

North Carolina or Oklahoma will get Villanova in the 2009 Final Four. After this final berth is determined, the 2009 NCAA Tournament will be three games away from its conclusion, and from crowning a new national champion. The odds of a champion not coming from the Big East will be long if three teams get in, but a little better if North Carolina is that sole Final Four team from another conference.

Louisville and Michigan State clash at 2:20 in Indianapolis, with North Carolina and Oklahoma meeting after 5 in Memphis.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Size does matter..UConn to win it all

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Unfortunately, I did not get to see any of the game yesterday afternoon between the University of Connecticut Huskies and the University of Tennessee Chattanooga Mocs, but the following important revelations came out of this game, and these are the reasons why the Huskies will win this year's tournament.

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1.) Ability to Win Games without Coach Being Present: Many people will look at this, roll their eyes, and say something along the lines of, "Give me a break; they were playing Chattanooga!" This may be true, but before you write off the significance of winning a tournament game without the man who lead you to the tournament, think about this: On the day of Uconn's first game, they found out that the man who had designed all their practices, called all their plays, and took care of all their in-game strategy would not only be absent from the game, but he would also be lying in a hospital bed while they were playing. Any normal adult would have problems concentrating on a game under these circumstances, and yet we seem to forget that these players are kids, some even teenagers. The Huskies, as a group, showed tremendous mental toughness to be able to go out and play one of the best games of the season. They had the third highest margin of victory ever in the NCAA tournament with a fifty-six point drubbing of the Mocs.

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2.) Size Does Matter: The Huskies have one of the biggest teams in the field of sixty-four. Hasheem Thabeet is 7'3", and has consistently dominated the middle. His offense is still suspect, but there is no denying his defensive presence. Teams are afraid to drive the middle because they do not want to get blocked. Thabeet also alters more shots than he blocks. His ability to change people's shots without fouling, and with the skills to keep the ball in bounds and securely in his teammates hands is second to none in college basketball. Jeff Adrien is another bulky Husky player, but one who plays much bigger than he actually is. He is listed at 6'6", but he plays more like a seven footer. He is a chiseled 225 pound beast on the glass. Adrien averaged a double-double (13 pts., 10 reb.), and has had several games where he took over on the boards. Stanley Robinson, the junior forward who spent the first half of the year working hard labor per his coach's request, has hit his stride at the perfect time for UConn. He had his breakout game in the six overtime loss against Syracuse when he scored 29 points and had 14 rebounds. The man known to his teammates as "Sticks" due to the abnormal length of his arms and legs, plays much bigger than his listed height of 6'9". Robinson has the highest vertical leap on the team, and provides a huge energy boost whenever he is on the floor.

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3.) Mix of Experience and Youth: One of Connecticut's biggest strengths is the mix of youth, mainly in Kemba Walker, and experience, with tournament veterans like A.J. Price, Hasheem Thabeet, and Jeff Adrien. Walker has been able to watch and play with these veterans throughout the season, which will make him that much more composed during crunch time of a big tournament game. He also experienced the pressures of a tournament game during the Big East Tournament against Syracuse. While he did not fare well in those pressure situations, there is no doubt that he learned from them, and will benefit during this tournament. A.J. Price has had a tumultuous career at UConn, but that may help him during the tournament. From a serious brain injury to a run in with the law, Price has been through a lot of adversity, and this will only help to lessen the pressure that a normal player would feel at the end of a big game. Price has learned to enjoy his time on the court, rather than get caught up in the tension that comes late in a tournament game. Jeff Adrien is the muscle of the Huskies. Two aspects of his game that can never be thwarted are his hustle and toughness. Adrien will bang with the biggest and best players, and it is a rarity that he comes up on the losing end of the battle.

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With these three characteristics, the UConn Huskies, in this writer's opinion have the best balance and the best overall team in the field of sixty-four. It is a Coach Calhoun staple to have his teams playing their best basketball of the season during the NCAA Tournament, and if he can find a way to make this happen again, then the Huskies will be almost impossible to beat.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Which Team will get Jay Cutler?

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Three years ago, the Denver Broncos pulled a bold move and moved up the draft board to select Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler took over for veteran quarterback Jake Plummer just over halfway through his rookie campaign. He has since shown improvement through his second and third NFL seasons, making the Pro Bowl this past season after discovering in his second year that he suffered from diabetes and with treatment could be healthy again.

At the end of the season, the Broncos were dissatisfied after missing the playoffs for the third straight year. It was evident that defensive upgrades were a must, especially to the front seven. However, the powers that be in the Broncos organization decided that even more change was needed. Mike Shanahan was let go and 32-year-old Josh McDaniels, the former offensive coordinator for the England">New England Patriots">England">New England Patriots, was brought in. Cutler was unhappy about Shanahan's release, but understood it was part of the game. He begged for his quarterback coach, Jeremy Bates, to be kept on staff, but Bates moved on to USC.

And then the real trouble started. A rumor was leaked to the media that McDaniels had been in contact with the Patriots trying to work a deal that would have sent Cutler to Tampa or Detroit, a first round draft pick to he Patriots, and Matt Cassel to Denver. McDaniels had coached Cassel last year and thought a familiar quarterback would speed the transition. After a series of meetings and text messages, things escalated quickly. Finally, Cutler's agent asked for a trade. As of Friday, March 20, 2009, a source close to the Broncos said there are 10 teams who have called about the availability of Jay. Here is a look at where Jay might be playing next season and the probability of him ending up there.

The following teams already have a solid franchise quarterback and so the likelihood of them ending up with Cutler is very slim, less than 5%. These teams are Atlanta (Matt Ryan), Baltimore (Joe Flaco), Cincinnati (Carson Palmer), Dallas (Tony Romo), Indianapolis (Peyton Manning), England">New England (Tom Brady), New York Giants">New York Giants (Eli Manning), New Orleans (Drew Brees), Pittsburgh (Ben Roethlisberger), and San Diego (Phillip Rivers).

The next tier of teams has a number of teams with a starting quarterback who is probably not as good, or at least not as long term, as Cutler. These teams will have a better chance than the previous tier, but they are not the most likely destinations.

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Miami - Chad Pennington looked promising last year so even though he is getting older, they will probably stick with him. Chance of Jay - 10%

Buffalo - Trent Edwards ousted J.P. Losman to win the starting position there, but some are not sold on Trent yet. Chance of Jay - 10%

Jacksonville - The Jaguars still like David Garrard, so they will probably stick with him. Chance of Jay - 10%

Green Bay - Aaron Rogers played decent this past season and the Packers will not want to give up on him yet. However, it has to be intriguing for them to move up. The only way this deal happens is if Jay drops agent Bus Cook as the Packers aren't very fond of him after the Brett Favre debacle from last season. Chance of Jay - 10%

Seattle - Matt Hasselbeck is a decent quarterback, but he is getting older and missed much of last season with injuries. Concern that he may not be healthy next year and that it might be Seneca Wallace taking the snaps next year might be motivation for the Seahawks to make a move. Chance of Jay - 15%

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St. Louis - The Rams signed Marc Bulger to a big deal 2 years ago. He has struggled since, but it is hard to do much when you are running for your life. The Rams may consider an upgrade at quarterback, but there are many positions they need much worse. Chance of Jay - 15%

Oakland - JaMarcus Russell is still young and showed some improvement last season, but he is not a top tier quarterback yet and the Raiders would love to steal this prospect from their division foes. However, it will take a great offer to get the Broncos to move him within the division. Chance of Jay - 20%

Arizona - Arizona just brought Kurt Warner back for two more years and they have the guy they drafted instead of Cutler 3 years ago waiting in the wings (Matt Leinart). The Cardinals will give it some thought, but this is probably not the direction they will ultimately go. Chance of Jay - 20%

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Houston - Matt Schaub will probably be the starter in Houston, but with the connections between the Broncos and the Texans there is a possibility of a move here, albeit a slim one. Chance of Jay - 20%

Tennessee - After resigning Kerry Collins the Titans are set for now, and with Vince Young waiting in the wings, they will probably pass on Cutler. However, if they decide Vince is not their future, they made offer him as part of a trade to the Broncos. Chance of Jay - 20%

Cleveland - With Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn both on the roster, they have a quarterback situation of their own. However, Cutler is an upgrade over either of those guys, and Quinn played his college ball for McDaniels' former co-worker Charlie Weis, so this remains a possibility. Chance of Jay - 35%

Carolina - The Panthers were glad in 2008 to have Jake Delhomme back from his elbow injury that he sustained in the 2007 season. However, after his dismal performance in the playoffs (5 interceptions), the clamor has grown for a new man to call signals. An interesting possibility might involve Julius Peppers and Jay Cutler swapping teams. Chance of Jay - 40%

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Kansas City - Although they appear set after trading for Matt Cassel earlier this off season, the Chiefs hold the man that started all of this. McDaniels may try to work a deal to get Cassel in his back field while giving Kansas City a promising young quarterback. Chance of Jay - 50%

Philadelphia - The Eagles have Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb on the roster as the quarterback of now and the quarterback of the future. Coach Andy Reid is convinced that McNabb is the answer; however Philly's fans and some of the team would love a young guy like Cutler to come in and lead them to a title. With plenty of trade bait and the pressure from the fans, they might be willing to make a move. Chance of Jay - 50%

The final tier is teams who could really use a quarterback. These teams are in need of a leader and want to find a solution soon. With the draft being thin on quarterbacks who could come in and start right away, they may be moving in that direction.

Chicago - Sometimes it seems that the Bears just don't want to get better. They haven't had a pro bowl quarterback for about 20 years. A few years ago they refused to upgrade Rex Grossman. Last year, they decided that this was a necessary upgrade, but Kyle Orton may not be the answer either. Jay would be the best quarterback the Bears have had in a long time... possibly ever. Don't expect this news though. Chance of Jay - 50%

Minnesota - If only the Vikings had a quarterback last year, they would have been favored to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Instead, they were beaten in the first round of the playoffs. The Vikings did acquire Sage Rosenfels from the Texans, but they will explore Cutler as an option. Unfortunately for Viking fans, they probably don't have the ammunition they would need to make this trade happen. Chance of Jay - 60%

Tampa Bay - If Tampa had a young quarterback and a second round pick, they would be all over the Broncos trying to make this deal. They would love to have Jay instead of Luck McNown. Maybe they will find a way to make a three way deal, but it could be tricky for them. Chance of Jay - 60%

Washington - Jason Campbell has played well at times and not so well at others. The Redskins say that they are satisfied with him, but some signs say otherwise. They have worked big deals with the Broncos before and are known for trying to build the team through trades and signings as opposed to the draft. Chance of Jay - 70%

San Francisco- The 49ers drafted Alex Smith hoping he would be their quarterback of the future. He and Shaun Hill are neck in neck in a race to see who will be starting this year. Adding Cutler may be what the 49ers need to make a push at the NFC West. They could move one of their quarterbacks along with some draft picks and have a starter set for next season. Chance of Jay - 75%

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Detroit - What does Detroit have to offer? They have two of the first twenty draft picks this year. They would love Jay Cutler in the motor city. He would be able to throw to Calvin Johnson and the Broncos would be able to select whoever they wanted in the draft. The only problem is that they wouldn't probably have a starting quarterback this season. Chance of Jay - 80%

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New York Jets - The Jets made a big deal last year to get a quarterback who wanted out of his current situation who was represented by Bus Cook. Will they do the deal again? It is rumored that the Broncos want a first and second round pick plus a young quarterback. The Jets have Kellen Clemens who they have little confidence in and a couple of younger guys who aren't ready to be starters yet. The Jets will either make this trade or try drafting someone. Chance of Jay - 85%

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The final team in this debacle is the Broncos themselves. McDaniels has made statements that Cutler is their quarterback of the future or Cutler has demanded a trade. Chris Simms, the backup quarterback, would probably love it if Cutler leaves and he was given a chance to compete for the starting spot. Could things be smoothed over? Will Cutler and McDaniels make up? Can the rest of the team put this distraction behind them and play football? Only time will tell. However, in my humble opinion, Jay will be wearing a Broncos uniform next year. Chance of Jay - 95%

Monday, March 23, 2009

2009 NCAA Sweet 16 Bracket Powerhouses

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The 2009 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 bracket has pretty much no outsiders in it. The only double digit seed in the Sweet 16 is a traditional powerhouse and former national champion. The only other seed lower than a 4 in the NCAA Sweet 16 bracket is the champion of the Big 10 tournament. The2009 NCAA Sweet 16 Bracket Filled with Powerhouses top 12 teams in the nation, a.k.a. all the 1-3 seeds, are all still alive in the Sweet 16. Despite all the favorites winning so far, most of them had to undergo a scare or two first before going to the 2009 NCAA Sweet 16 bracket.

The only team to really dominate both of their NCAA Tournament games so far is Connecticut, from the West Region. Connecticut will have the first game in the Sweet 16 this week, on Thursday night at 7:07 in Glendale. Connecticut will take on the second lowest seeded team left, fifth seeded Purdue, which held off Northern Iowa and Washington.

The second Sweet 16 game on the bracket is from the East, where top seed Pittsburgh will be looking to avoid a third straight major scare in Boston. All that stands between the Panthers and a long awaited trip to the Elite 8 is Xavier, which has been to the Elite 8 twice in this decade.

To end the Thursday night Sweet 16 action in the East and West, Missouri and Memphis are expected to light up the scoreboard in West, while Duke and Villanova clash in the East.

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On Friday, the 2009 Sweet 16 bracket picture is complete in the South and Midwest. Louisville plays the first Sweet 16 game of the night in Indianapolis, against the "Cinderella" of the tournament, 12'th seeded Arizona. In the South, Oklahoma attempts to cool off Syracuse in Memphis.

At night, North Carolina attempts to stop Gonzaga from their first Elite 8 appearance since their rise to power began in 1999. Michigan State and Kansas cap off the Sweet 16 bracket at the same time.

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The term "upset" all but doesn't exist anymore in the 2009 NCAA Tournament, especially if the four number 1 seeds advance out of the Sweet 16 bracket. Every time a favored team has been tested - and they have, even though the final scores may not reflect it - they have pulled away by the end.

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Louisville, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Duke, Memphis, Missouri, Gonzaga and more have already been tested at least once in the 2009 NCAA Tournament, and marched on to the Sweet 16 portion of the bracket. Two more passed tests and they are on to Detroit for the final weekend.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Which NCAA Basketball #1 Seed Has the Best Chance of Winning it All?


It's every sports fan's favorite time of year once again - the NCAA tournament. Nothing is more exciting, dramatic,
and competitive than this 65-team tournament. While the Super Bowl is probably more exciting in terms of a one-
game event, the tournament runs three weeks, all of which have their share of upsets and drama. I am not an expert on the entire field of sixty-five, but based on what I know about the number one seeds, here are my predictions.


The number one overall seed in the tournament is Louisville, and with good reason. Louisville struggled at times to score earlier in the year, but now it seems that coach Pitino's masterful ability is really shining through, and Louisville, in my opinion, is the clear pick for the number one overall seed. No Big East team is better top-to-bottom, and North Carolina does not remember how to play defense. Louisville uses Pitino's typical high-pressure full-court defense, and it has the depth to sustain the pressure the entire game. Louisville, like all Big East teams, played a brutal schedule, meaning that it has had those intense end-game experiences that championship caliber teams are made of. The one flaw that this team has is the lack of a consistent star player. Terrence Williams is NBA-material and has dominated games in the past, but his shooting can go cold at times, and this is when Louisville is vulnerable.

North Carolina

The regular season winner of the Atlantic Coast Conference (probably the nation's second best conference) was North Carolina. How did they do it? Run-and-gun fast break basketball, combined with veteran leadership from player of the year candidate Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson allowed this team to score tons of easy buckets. This might be the best starting five in the country in terms of future NBA potential, but the big flaw with this team is that it sometimes falls asleep on defense. If coach Roy Williams can get this team to be more consistent on defense, and if Ty Lawson's injured ankle heals, the rest of the teams in the tournament will start getting scared. But, if that doesn't happen, this team might be seeing an early exit.


The best big man in the nation whose name is not Blake Griffin is Dejuan Blair. Despite his short stature compared to most college big men, Blair really knows how to use his body around the hoop to dominate the game. Combined with Levance Fields who has a knack for getting in the lane and making the big shot, and this team can really be a huge threat. The downside is that this team does not have much beyond its starting five, and it only plays adequate, not championship caliber defense. Expect Pittsburgh to make it to the Elite Eight or Final Four, but don't expect a National Championship.


At the beginning of the season, Connecticut was looking nearly unstoppable. This team features a deep roster and can play championship caliber defense, however, it will be missing one of its key players in Jerome Dyson, who is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury. The big man in the middle, Hasheem Thabeet, will ensure that opponents will have a difficult time scoring around the basket, but as Dejuan Blair showed earlier this season, Thabeet is not invincible. The key for UCONN will be finding who can step up to fill Jerome Dyson's production, and this team has the depth necessary to do so.


Overall, this year does not feature a clearcut number one team that has dominated the competition all year long. The picture is rather murky. While Louisville seems very likely to reach the Final Four, all the rest of the number one seeds have significant flaws which have buried number one seeds early on in past tournaments. This year's tournament should be exciting like all others, and probably will feature a Final Four and championship matchup that few expect.This year should be another crazy tournament.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 NCAA March Madness Schedule Underway at Noon today

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The 2009 NCAA March Madness schedule is finally ready to get started today. After weeks of bracketology, March Madness 2009 is here at last. Office workers are now rearranging their schedule so they can catch as many NCAA Tournament games as possible, and root for their office champions. Today, the first portion of the 2009 March Madness schedule begins with the traditional 16 first round Thursday games.

There are three 2009 NCAA Tournament games premiering just after noon today, to start March Madness. The very first NCAA Tournament game starts at 12:20, in the South Region. Eight seeded LSU, the SEC regular season champions, faces a traditional NCAA Tournament spoiler, the ninth seeded Butler Bulldogs.

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Five minutes later at 12:25, the Memphis Tigers begin their run through March Madness against the West's 15'th seed, Cal State Northridge. At 12:30, the West's 8-9 game in Philadelphia has BYU facing Texas A&M for the second year in a row at March Madness.

Four games are on the 2009 March Madness schedule sometime between 2:30 and 3, depending on when the first games end. Two of these games feature top seeds, with North Carolina taking on Radford in the South, and Connecticut going up against Chattanooga in the West region. The two other games in this time slot are in the West region, with Purdue vs. Northern Iowa, and Cal clashing with Maryland.

Afterward, the March Madness schedule has just one game at 5 p.m. The fourth seed Washington Huskies in the West region, take on surprise SEC tournament champ Mississippi State. After that, 2009 March Madness goes into prime time.

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At 7:10, Clemson faces Michigan in the Southern region, while Texas takes on Minnesota in the East. At 7:20, Villanova plays in front of a de facto home crowd in Philadelphia, against American University. At 7:25, Gonzaga takes on Akron.

The final round of March Madness games on day 1 takes place sometime after 9:40. Duke will headline this last grouping, facing NCAA tournament newcomer Binghamton. Oklahoma also begins their tournament run against Morgan State. Finally, UCLA faces VCU, and Illinois up with last year's surprise Sweet 16 player, Western Kentucky.

Among these first batch of games on the March Madness schedule, there are several powerful teams expected to make a run to April and the Final Four. For those in the office pool, the games projected as possible upset picks largely take place tomorrow, unless teams like Northern Iowa, Mississippi State, VCU, or some really shocking team out of nowhere pulls some miracles today.

The 2009 NCAA Tournament is once again, exclusively on CBS. The network will go back and forth between each of the games, depending on where a viewer is watching from. But the CBS website March Madness On Demand allows online viewers to watch each game from a live feed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009 NFL Draft Predictions


We all think that we can play psychic for a day when making predictions for the NFL draft. While the real draft involves a lot of negotiations and trades to find the right player to become the perfect fit for their team, you can also involve yourself with a mock NFL draft, especially if you are involved with Fantasy Football.

If you are not familiar with how the NFL draft works, you need to understand its workings s you can make the predictions and have a little fun..

The first thing is to look at what the basic NFL draft entails:

Teams are grouped into segments from last to first based on their regular season record. No team will move outside of their segment unless they are a winner of a Super Bowl in which time they will have the last selection.
Teams that did not make the playoffs will make a selection before those teams that did, which means, the last place team will have better odds of picking the better players.


With each round, within each segment, any team that picks first will select last in the next round with each team moving up a spot to make their selection.

These are just the basics to what an NFL draft entails. It soon becomes more complicated and becomes more like a statistical mathematical equation when stats become involved. This includes a tie if two teams have the same record and then a coin toss must be engaged for the team to be chosen, etc. And even if a top player is chosen, there are also the contract negotiations, the details of what the player can offer to the team so a Super Bowl can be won, etc. This decision making process can take quite a while which is why its on for hours on end on TV for one day.

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With the 2009 draft, the team that has had the best chance of getting a good pick has been the Detroit Lions. Why? It's mainly because of their last place record and also other statistics that made them the weakest of any NFL teams. Because of this, they are much more likely to get a pick for the best player so that way they can improve on their own statistics for the new 2009-2010 season. If it just so happens that that player they picked doesn't meet the team's expectations, that top player can be traded to another team who just might need him more.

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But we must not count out the rest of the teams that round out the top 5 for good draft picks. They include St. Louis, Kansas City, Seattle, and Cleveland.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

NBA 2010 Free Agency Class Breakdown by position

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For those of you who played NBA Live on your respective gaming system. Remember when you were playing franchise and that season where all the big name players were all free agents and then they all signed to the same team. Then, eventually, that team would be the team that made it to the finals and won everything. Well the 2010 Free Agency Class looks alot like that class. In the year 2010, some of the top notch players in the NBA will be looking for wallet-busting deals and teams are getting for the madness.
At every position there are plenty players to choose from, players that will help boost your chances of winning greatly. Now your probably wondering why are all these great players free at the same time? But the players drafted in the 2003 draft, like Chris Bosh, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are becoming free agents at the same time. This article will breakdown this class and show us the best players at each position.
1. Steve Nash- Steve Nash will be 36 when he becomes a free agent. But he is still an effective guard. i honestly don't think that Nash will be re-signing with the Suns.
2. Rajon Rondo- Rajon Rondo is an up and coming point guard. He has already lead a team to the championship and the experience is insurmountable.
3. Derek Fisher- Derek Fisher is a great team leader. He has lead a team to 3 championships. He will probably remain a Laker though.
4. Rafer Alson- Rafer Alston is an experienced veteran player. He has been at the helm of playoff caliber teams. He is a good pick-up for any team.
5. Jordan Farmar- A very good point guard, he lost his starting spot to Derek Fisher. He will be a starter on another team.
1. Dwyane Wade- Has surged to the NBA's elite, he will be making big money. Rumors say that Dwyane Wade will team up with his good friend, Lebron James. But I don't think that will go through.
2. Brandon Roy- Brandon Roy is the franchise of the Trailblazers, they won't be letting him go anywhere.
3. Joe Johnson- Joe Johnson is a great player and will be a great help to a team trying to get over the hump. He is a dependable and a sure 20-5-5 guy.
4. Ray Allen- Ray Allen is one of the best shooters to ever play the game. He will be a great asset to any team he plays for, but I doubt that he will be living Boston.
5. Michael Redd- Michael Redd is another player, who is a pure scorer but nothing more than that. The Bucks are trying to build around him so he won't be going anywhere.
1. Lebron James- Lebron James is the big prize in this free agency. Teams like New York, New Jersey Nets and Detroit Piston have began to clear cap space in order to sign him and another marquee player. He will have alot of money in his pocket.
2. Paul Pierce- Paul "The Truth" Pierce will be a Celtic when the 2010 season starts. I don't think any team will be able to pry him away.
3. Tracy McGrady- Now some of you may be wondering why I have Paul Pierce over Tracy McGrady. Well, Pierce has a championship and has done a better job at staying healthy. McGrady is still a great scorer and will probably not be a Rocket at the end of the day.
4. Richard Jefferson- Richard Jefferson is another great player who will probably be on the move.

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He is a scoring machine and a pretty good rebounder. He would be a nice 2nd option to superstar like Lebron or D-Wade.

5. Josh Howard- Josh Howard has been living in the shadow of Dirk Nowitzki. In the 2010 free agency class, he will probably leave the Mavericks and help another team.
1. Chris Bosh- Chris Bosh is one of the best unknown players. He is not recognized mainly because he plays outside the U.S. he will sign with an American team and become as big as his fellow draft classmates; Lebron, D-Wade and Carmelo.
2. Dirk Nowitzki- Dirk Nowitzki is another one of those players that is on the other side of the hill. Nowitzki will not be leaving Mavericks though. As long as they make a move to bring someone in to help him.
3. Amare Stoudemire- Amare Stoudemire could of been on the top of this list. But his inconsistency makes him a liability. So he is not that hot of a commodity anymore.
4. Lamarcus Aldridge- Lamarcus Aldridge has continued to improve for the Trailblazers and formed a good little-man/big-man with Brandon Roy. The Trailblazers will probably keep them together.
5. Udonis Haslem- Don't be surprised that Udonis Haslem is upon this list. No experience can compare to championship experiece. Haslem has that and a nice jumper.
1. Yao Ming- Yao Ming will also be a free agent. The big guy will probably not from Houston unless there is a better deal in a bigger city. I highly doubt it though.
2. Shaquille O'neal- The Diesel will also be a key free agent. If he teams up with any of the big players like Dwyane Wade(again) or Lebron James. They can become a force to be reckoned with.
3. Marcus Camby- Everybody know that to win a championship you need a big man. Marcus Camby is a great pick up for any team. He is great defender and rebounder.
4. Tyson Chandler- Tyson Chandler has alot to prove before he can receive a big contract. Chandler is not that big of a presence on the offensive side of the court but can rebound and defend. He'll probably stay in New Orleans because Chris Paul makes him look good.
5. Brad Miller- Brad Miller has a rare combo of rebounding and passing. He can be a great asset to any team he plays for.
As you can see the 2010 free agent class is loaded with great players who can alter the NBA drastically. It will be fun to watch!