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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009 NFL Draft Predictions


We all think that we can play psychic for a day when making predictions for the NFL draft. While the real draft involves a lot of negotiations and trades to find the right player to become the perfect fit for their team, you can also involve yourself with a mock NFL draft, especially if you are involved with Fantasy Football.

If you are not familiar with how the NFL draft works, you need to understand its workings s you can make the predictions and have a little fun..

The first thing is to look at what the basic NFL draft entails:

Teams are grouped into segments from last to first based on their regular season record. No team will move outside of their segment unless they are a winner of a Super Bowl in which time they will have the last selection.
Teams that did not make the playoffs will make a selection before those teams that did, which means, the last place team will have better odds of picking the better players.


With each round, within each segment, any team that picks first will select last in the next round with each team moving up a spot to make their selection.

These are just the basics to what an NFL draft entails. It soon becomes more complicated and becomes more like a statistical mathematical equation when stats become involved. This includes a tie if two teams have the same record and then a coin toss must be engaged for the team to be chosen, etc. And even if a top player is chosen, there are also the contract negotiations, the details of what the player can offer to the team so a Super Bowl can be won, etc. This decision making process can take quite a while which is why its on for hours on end on TV for one day.

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With the 2009 draft, the team that has had the best chance of getting a good pick has been the Detroit Lions. Why? It's mainly because of their last place record and also other statistics that made them the weakest of any NFL teams. Because of this, they are much more likely to get a pick for the best player so that way they can improve on their own statistics for the new 2009-2010 season. If it just so happens that that player they picked doesn't meet the team's expectations, that top player can be traded to another team who just might need him more.

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But we must not count out the rest of the teams that round out the top 5 for good draft picks. They include St. Louis, Kansas City, Seattle, and Cleveland.